Recovery 101 – Get Thee To A Campsite

27 Feb

Sick as the proverbial, but loathe to miss out on a sorely needed mini holiday, we hightailed it down the coast to a new spot, Golden Beach in Gippsland… 250km south east from home, an easy drive into fantastic weather, an almost un-swimmable part of the 90-Mile-Beach and a lovely secluded camp spot.

Preparation consisted of making the amazing Crockpot Bacon Bourbon Baked Beans from the gorgeous blog How Sweet It Is.  Fabulous, delicious, beautiful and inspiring blog with yummy decadent recipes…

It was cutest-dog-in-the-world’s first camping trip – he went from slick city dog refusing to get out of the car:

I'm *not* getting out in the dirt!

I’m *not* getting out in the dirt!

…to the world’s dirtiest dog, in just under an hour:

Minimal drama this trip. But let me be clear – there is always drama.  It’s like this – myself, the erstwhile boyfriend, a Ninja and his Rupert Bear go camping together whenever we can… and something always happens – first we got caught in gale force winds, then a man with a crossbow tried to hunt us in our campsite, then RupertBear forgot the tent poles… this time we made do with my airbed dying a death, and Ninja getting stung by a jellyfish… not so bad in the scheme of things, and a small price to pay for this:

Golden Beach, Gippsland, Victoria

Golden Beach, Gippsland, Victoria

Things I learnt this trip:

* Being out in the sunshine and in the (slightly overwhelming and clearly dangerous) surf does wonders for one’s health.

* Going camping doesn’t have to mean being written off every night.

* 12WBT ain’t just gonna happen all by itself – that stuff takes effort! And no, a long walk on the beach will not make up for having sausages in bread for lunch.

* There are people in the world (New Zealanders) who have never heard truly embarrassing Australian music (“Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport” by Rolf Harris) and who will find it hilarious (as in playing on repeat for about, oh, an hour)… good times, my friend, good times.

* Peeing on a jellyfish sting is effective in the short term only…

12WBT was pretty much a write off for me this week – despite the walks on the beach, I spent much of the time semi conscious in the sun weighed down by cold&flu tabs and glasses of Prosecco…what a glamorous life I lead.

Onwards and upwards kids, onwards and upwards…this will be the week of JFDI, seeing as though I’m all relaxed and rejuvenated-like.


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