About Me

Wordy (you´ve been warned!), shy, curvy, mildly neurotic and creatively-frustrated workaholic psych nurse who loves camping in remote waterside spots, cooking beautiful meals, hosting extravagant parties, walking my too-cute dog at the beach, swimming laps in the pool, way too many good coffees/wines/cocktails, live bands, the beach, the sun, and avoiding the daily grind by seeking the bizarre and hilarious in life.

I´m a girly-girl with a stubborn rock-chick streak and a weakness for classical music, and a bizarre sense of humour. I am a voracious reader of books, a tentative flirt, a bespectacled nerd looking for a new academic challenge, a lover of the art-deco aesthetic, industrial design and applied arts.

I need time out in the water to soothe my soul, loud music to empty my head, massage to keep me moving, sun to keep me smiling. I need adventurous, breathtaking lust to keep me motivated, I need good food & booze to keep me circulating, sometimes I need someone to take control so I can disengage my brain, and most of all I just need fun…simple really!

This blog is about a life in progress – a life being renovated!  It’s mainly about forcing myself to keep focussed and realistic… if someone out in the blogosphere reads it, that’s an added bonus.

Onward and upward!

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