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A fresh start

28 Sep

I wonder just how many people start a blog, forget about it after a few weeks, and then stumble across it a few years (!) later?

Actually – I don’t wonder – it’s just that this is what happened to me – and I have some inexplicable desire to start again …  and here we are.

Today was an “office” day – a personal admin day – full of such earthly delights as tax-returns, BAS lodgement, scheduling long overdue doctor’s appointments (“What do you mean my last appointment was in 2012?”) and searching randomly for a) new jobs, b) new studies, c) a new violin, and d) answers to the question “Why is Miranda Devine such a cunt?”*.

Is it Melbourne’s labile version of Spring that causes all this restless searching? Or the natural outcome of a day spent on the most mundane and frustrating administrative tasks imaginable?

The desire behind this blog was to create a sense of accountability for myself – put my goals out there, write about them in a public space (well, that depends on whether anyone reads it I guess!), and update my progress.  Here I go:

  • An hour of productive violin practice every day
  • An hour of French study every day
  • An hour of exercise every day

Ha! How very *first world* that list looks!  It’s not all about re-making myself into some kind of Renaissance woman, it’s actually about achieving some true equilibrium – between working at my job because it pays the bills, and working at the violin or French or getting fitter because I love it.  I guess it’s a balance between work and play, or between must and want.